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Are you ready for an ultralight wide spectrum integration platform that lets you deliver in hours or days what used to take weeks and months?

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A fraction of the cost and implementation effort

Instantly deployed in any cloud or datacenter. Ours, yours or that of your customer.

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Rendered on any mobile or desktop device

Or on a server, as a smart go-between and data broker.

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Are you a Software Developer?

Then you are an essential part of our plan. Our platform is quickly customized using simple, specialized integration functions that you develop in the programming language of your choice. The runtime isolation offered by state of the art container technology allows you to bring and use any libraries, VPNs or other dependencies you may want to leverage, without even thinking twice.

Our online store puts you and your work front and center and offers a spectacular revenue cut in return for your talents.

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Are you a System Integrator or Solution Supplier?

Then you know your customers and what they want. Not another costly bag of complex and brittle technology, but a quick and simple solution. Yet robust, affordable and scalable. Running by the end of next week, not next year. Develop your own customizations or browse our store for experts and their offerings.

We only do business through third parties like yourself, because it's the only model we believe in. Let's join forces so your customers get solid solutions at a fraction of the usual cost and time, while you carve out a much healthier margin.

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Are you a Potential User?

We're delighted you found your way here and we'll gladly hook you up with our most suitable partners, for pragmatic, quick-win solutions to hanging and nagging issues. They'll help you mash-up and serve strategic information that hasn't been leveraged effectively so far; collect and dispatch information both in- and outside your organization; trigger workflows and mobilize data at rest. Just imagine a solution and we will empower you to make it happen.

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Are you an Early Investor?

Then you may already know that Gartner is closely tracking iPaaS, projecting a market size of over $1 Billion in just two years, with MarketsandMarkets estimating $3B by 2021. You might be intrigued by a proven team that combines a rare track record with a solid reputation for using innovative simplicity to disrupt incumbent complexity in major markets such as storage.

You may be encouraged by the fact that new stimuli and fiscal incentives are finally starting to value your vital role in building the new economy.


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