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Asset related info was kept in multiple repositories with extensive processing needed to bring it all together. The asset tag was linked to a single purpose/persona.

Inspecting the assets was a tedious and manual process, involving several pieces of bulky, unwieldy and expensive hardware including specialized bar code scanners and laptop computers.

An intuitive mobile web application was developed allowing multiple user personas (random visitor, asset owner, inspector) to scan a QR code to access information linked to that asset.

This happens in a layered fashion: depending on user persona, info may include emergency instructions, last maintenance status, last inspection report, user manual, asset dashboard overview, asset location…

Additionally, it allows for easily linking new content to that asset.

Check this press video with live demo


From requirements to first tags on assets in under 4 weeks.


10% efficiency gain on asset identification & tagging process, at a fraction of the cost of traditional asset management software.


Any data source can be connected; QR codes linked to assets after printing.

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