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Wherever information technology is used today, a significant tension tends to exist between data potentially available on one hand and truly actionable information on the other. This condition is so widespread that it is nearly considered a fact of life. At Esoptra, we call it ARID, for Access Related Information Deficit, and we have made it our mission to innovate and simplify the battle against it.

What is your data challenge?

Data Formatting, Innovation, Ops, Virtualization, Transformation, Structuring, …

We observe, battle and conquer ARID across various data use cases.


Create transparency across your supply chain or organization

Asset Tracking

Keep your assets at your fingertips

Workflow & Report Automation

Graft new workflows onto existing processes

Content Access & Sharing

Share what you want in any context

Unstructured Data Treatment

Source value way beyond databases

Introducing Esoptra’s all-in-one DataOps* platform


We’ve observed that 95% of the functionality required in data-oriented use cases is generic and application-independent. We leverage this insight by providing a lightweight, high-performance, scalable, industrial strength DataOps platform. As a “full stack” implementation from the metal upward, it can be entirely tweaked, molded and evolved by Esoptra: our platform enables your data to work harder.

Our structured and pragmatic approach starts from actual use cases and enables to deliver a first application in days rather than in months, thereby achieving a Total Cost of Ownership that is an order of magnitude lower compared to traditional solution approaches.

Total Cost of Ownership    Total Time to Deployment

*DataOps: “aligning the way you manage your data with the goals you have for that data” (


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