A digital product binder to keep your content in context


An aluminum profile manufacturer producing make-to-order window projects faces a tough job. From product design to installation, many stakeholders need to contribute to make the project successful: manufacturer, reseller, constructor, architect, installer, consumer.

How to ensure that, along this project journey, each stakeholder receives the right information at the right time in the right format?

    • As the manufacturer, I neatly store the project design in my window configurator or internal ERP, yet how to easily share multiple revisions of that design with my consumer and receive his/her feedback?
    • As an installer, knowing how-where-when exactly to install the product is difficult considering the ever-changing timeline of the overarching construction project. How to avoid further timeline delay when notifying upon product reception that a part is broken or missing? At Esoptra, we call this a last-mile problem for data. And we love solving those.


    Set up a lightweight digital product binder in a matter of days


    Our solution is simple: using the ZAZA.rocks platform with its “paper bags for digital content”, each bag becomes the equivalent of a digital product binder that can be attached to your product journey.

    What’s in the binder?

    Any type of content, depending on where the product is within the product journey, e.g.

    • The latest project design in high-quality, sourced straight from the design configurator, ready for consumer review
    • Installation manual and video’s for the installer
    • Project delivery planning for the transporter and constructor, sourced from your internal planning application
    • Consumer feedback on each touchpoint with the manufacturer

    How to access the binder?

    Each project binder is a unique web link. Easy to embed within your existing processes, to use in email communication, or to store within a QR code so you can physically attach the binder to your product. The binder is fully customizable to allow layered access to information for a particular stakeholder, and automated workflows ensure that the collected content in the binder ends up where it needs to be.

    “The fact that this product binder in-the-wild surfs on top of our systems is a game changer. We can more effectively reach our consumers and interact with them.”

    Need specific features to tune it to your business process? We’re happy to discuss.


    The benefits:


    • Boost consumer & stakeholder satisfaction by providing visibility and transparency across your product journey
    • Streamline the many interactions you have with consumers and stakeholders – reduce the email ping-pong


    A working solution can be set up in a matter of days, where more traditional content management solutions can take months to configure.


    Our lightweight approach allows for a total cost of ownership which is a magnitude lower than more traditional solutions.


    All involved parties use the same solution, no need to change your processes and systems, and minimal to no IT effort required.

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