Een Zwitsers zakmes voor data

Het Antwerpse Esoptra haalt 2,4 miljoen euro op om zijn softwareplatform verder te commercialiseren. Het is al de zesde start-up van de techveteranen Paul Carpentier en Jan Van Riel. “Esoptra speelt voor data de rol die de pakjesbezorgers spelen bij leveringen aan huis.”

How hard can it be?

Recently, we’ve been talking to a number of prospects interested in improving quality and reducing cost. Sounds familiar? I thought so ? But the way they want to go about it is quickly becoming a recurring theme with businesses sending out their products as packaged goods. Traditionally there has always been paper documentation to go with those packages.

Lovely Labels

He had to admit it. The board meeting had been a mild disaster. It was the first one since the hurried take over from his father. The first real one. The transition meeting before that had been soothingly smooth and boring. Surely out of deference for the sick old man, it now dawned on him. Today, all of the sudden, the bean counters were on his case. He needed a plan.

One plus one is one

How the surprise acquisition of ZipWheels, the startup, by Schwamm Bros., the respected bicycle manufacturer, adds a touch of chaos to an existing state of confusion. How the CEO puts pressure and the VP of Sales passes the buck to the CIO. How the CIO ends up listening to the system integrator after all. How the Sales reps are now happy and the CEO takes the credit.

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