At Schwamm Bros., a bicycle manufacturer with a respectable pedigree, engineers maintain their drawings and specs on a local NetApp server, together with their heavy-duty CAD/CAM files. The previous marketing manager was doing a reasonable job of keeping up with essential document version changes, e-mailing those out to the salespeople on the road. But the product portfolio is growing, the sales staff as well, and the new marketing guy has great advertising ideas but isn’t exactly born digital. So now, everyone is basically juggling their own private collection of docs, specs and price lists.

Adding a touch of chaos to an existing state of confusion, the CEO has made the bold move to acquire ZipWheels, a hip urban retro race bike startup. Their flashy documentation and specs change all the time, but hey, no problem, it’s all shared in the cloud, on DocBox.

Anxious to deliver on his expensive acquisition, the CEO has instructed his VP of Sales to make sure his sales force is out there selling the expanded product portfolio ASAP. So in turn, the VP Sales calls the CIO requesting that everyone get access to all information immediately, as they need it to do their job. Easier said than done: it would require additional, expensive and non-budgeted networking hardware and VPN software on his already choking NetApp box, as well as Enterprise DocBox accounts for everyone. Not to mention sacrificing their hard-earned single sign-on architecture.

All that hits him while he’s got his hands full with migrating the new production line onto their legacy ERP system against impossible deadlines, wondering whether it even makes sense. So he picks up the phone to call off the monthly visit of Bantam Solutions, their trusted system integrator, and explains them why. But the Bantam rep tells him how they’ve recently added the Esoptra platform to their solutions portfolio and how this could help him even in a matter of days.

Two weeks later, everyone is happy to have carved out a precious time slot to listen to Bantam. In a matter of days indeed, they analysed the needs and built a simple custom Esoptra integration on top of both the NetApp and the DocBox account, showing the Schwamm and ZipWheels docs brotherly side by side in the same folders, behind the Active Directory single signon. On their laptops and smartphones, sales reps can now even browse all info by region, product range and promotions; that always was a sore point in the past.

The CIO can keep on running the tight ship he’s so proud of as he has decided for an on-premise Esoptra solution. He knows that cloud options are there once he’s ready to make that move, while the custom fine grained audit log he insisted on keeps him aware of all access operations by time, user and document. Bantam Solutions is excited because they are now discussing Esoptra to help alleviate the production migration headaches.

And the CEO? Well, he’s been invited to give a talk at his business club on the secrets of a successful acquisition. It won’t be the last time.


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