HERENTALS, 9 Oct 2019 – With the launch, Belgian startup Esoptra NV showcases its novel content sharing platform. stands for “Zero App. Zero Account. Rock solid content sharing.” and aims to be the lowest friction path for users to collect and share photos or any other content items using smartphones, tablets and desktops.

“Look at as the digital twin of the classic brown paper bag”, Paul Carpentier, Esoptra’s CEO, explains. “Simply visiting in any browser lets you create a fresh bag, featuring unique URLs for viewing or uploading photos or other content. By pasting or embedding a URL into any existing document, message or application, those become an instant platform for rich content sharing, that’s the beauty of it. As a QR code, the bag can be shared instantly between smartphones or used as a label to attach digital content to physical objects – a couple hand-picked shots to a Thank You card, for instance.”

This way, Esoptra fills a vacuum left by popular offerings such as Dropbox and WeTransfer. Rather than compromising, specifically removes the overhead of accounts and passwords from the equation, without sacrificing security. For sending a bunch of photos from A to B, WeTransfer will do just fine, but what if you want to keep those photos around for a longer period of time, have many people browse, view or curate the collection on all kinds of devices? We offer those functionalities for free in our entry-level Quartz Edition.”

Esoptra developed the service to render their novel DataOps technology more tangible to customers. Esoptra’s mission is to democratize access to the intrinsic value of an organization’s data, which may well include the seamless B2B integration of photocentric workflows.

Just two months ago, Esoptra raised 2.4m€ of fresh capital to invest in its sales & marketing organization and prepare for international expansion. “If we play it right, has the potential to virally spread our simplicity message and support our ambition. More editions are in the works, including a credits-based Jade Edition that unlocks a set of premium features.”, Carpentier concludes.


  • Web service for ultra-low-friction sharing and collection of photos or other content, on any kind of device. A modern browser will do to create ‘bags’ using the free Quartz Edition, available to anyone as a public beta
  • Every bag offers 1 Gbyte of storage for 3 months to accommodate many interesting personal and professional use cases for photographers, collectors or architects, using any mix of content file types including PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, streaming movies, …
  • Optionally registering a bag to your e-mail address extends its storage period to 6 months and offers a monthly report of all bags registered to that address

About Esoptra:

  • Develops and markets a scalable DataOps platform for innovative, reusable business applications that leverage available data in faster, cheaper and simpler ways. is 1 of these applications
  • Founded in 2017 by Paul Carpentier and Jan Van Riel (Gnosis, Wave Research, FilePool, Caringo; 50+ US & international patents)
  • Teams in Belgium and Bangalore (India)

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