A simplified Dangerous Goods Declaration


In 2018, the maritime accelerator PortXL organized its first Shakedown event, in which Esoptra was selected as 1 of 6 startups to work on technology and data-related challenges within the maritime sector.

We chose to tackle the Dangerous Goods Declaration process.

Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD) for shipping containers is a complex and largely manual process. Traditional automation attempts in the past have failed.

Speed, quality and productivity of communication needed improvement.

We used our ZAZA.rocks platform with its “digital paper bags” to model a solution that could deliver results fast. In this case, a bag is created for each DGD filing, which is identified by a simple clickable link that can be pasted as a kind of “viral workflow” inside any email or document – so without having to modify the shipper’s existing administrative process and way of working. 

Clicking on the link gives you the full context of a DGD filing. A 3-pane display opens and shows the original DGD form on the right, a form on the left (partially pre-filled using OCR and AI techniques), and a Whatsapp-like chat column in the middle where shipper and carrier agent can exchange quick messages within the context of this specific DGD booking, with visible links to specific form fields if useful.

In this way, the total number of emails to close a DGD booking is strongly reduced, and the context switching for the carrier’s customer agents is nearly instantaneous, reducing workload while increasing timeliness and quality.


From abstract discussion to concrete visual concept in days.


Reduced context switching, email pingpong, inbox searching for admin shipping agents.


No modification of existing IT systems & processes; only 1 web link required to keep all info linked to 1 DGD instance in context.

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