A large retailer faced a sharp deadline to convince & show consumers how it fundamentally innovates in its quality control, managed by a certification partner.

Traditionally, this proves to be a complex process, with many actors and dispersed data sources across the supply chain.

Bringing transparency to food chains is a critical step in restoring consumers’ declining trust in the industry.


Our developed solution allows consumers buying a piece of specific meat to scan the dynamic QR code on the package and get an insight into the full journey that piece of meat has traveled. Furthermore, the consumer is able to log feedback about the purchase, which in turn can be used by the supermarket to improve its customer experience.

We tackled this challenge firstly by mapping out the food chain, its data sources and black holes.

Then we used our platform with its “digital paper bags” for a lightweight data access approach: each bag contains essential product quality information of 1 sales lot, populated from diverse data sources across the chain. The bag is identified by a QR code to make its content accessible to the end consumer.


Check this press video with live demo

The solution provides rich, layered data access for consumers through a mobile web Single Page Application,  unconventionally hosted straight out of cloud storage to avoid massive server loads in case of public food-related issues.

To ensure immutability, the data flow is posted onto an Ethereum blockchain on a daily basis. This transparency has led to increased data integrity and accountability of involved actors along the food chain.

Built-in content management and query systems enable the retailer to fully self-manage the system, where additional food chains can be added with nominal effort.

Beyond efficiency gains in follow-up & audit processes, the developed solution was the first Belgian case of implemented blockchain for a food chain


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Our technology in action


From custom requirements to live demo in under 4 weeks.


Competitive offers from established integrators cost 4x for same base scope.


User-friendly responsive web page; scalable solution allows for massive parallel scanning (e.g. in case of food crisis).

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