HERENTALS, 15 Jan 2020 – It is with equal amounts of pride and gratitude that the founders of Esoptra are able to announce a rejuvenating management shuffle today.

Effective January 1st, 2020, Alexander Carpentier will succeed the undersigned as Chief Executive Officer, with Tobit Wijnant then taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer. Finally, Michiel De Backker will assume Jan Van Riel’s responsibility as Chief Technology Officer.

Aside from their respectable backgrounds and earlier experience, all three have clearly earned their stripes in the course of an interesting and challenging 2019, where they have brought process, produced valuable new insights, reached 4 major award finals and redefined the course to sail.

While Esoptra now shows a younger face to the world, the grey hair and grey matter of both founders remains 100% engaged on a day to day basis, with Research (Jan) and Product + USA Biz Dev (Paul) as special focus areas.

Please join Jan and myself in thanking Alexander, Tobit and Michiel for taking on this conquest of the road ahead, starting with 2020!

And last but not least, our warmest wishes for the new year and the brand new decennium ahead of us. We do have a lovely, valuable use case in store for each and every one of you!

Paul & Jan

About Esoptra:

  • Develops and markets a scalable DataOps platform for innovative, reusable business applications that leverage available data in faster, cheaper and simpler ways. is 1 of these applications
  • Founded in 2017 by Paul Carpentier and Jan Van Riel (Gnosis, Wave Research, FilePool, Caringo; 50+ US & international patents)
  • Teams in Belgium and Bangalore (India)


  • Web service for ultra-low-friction sharing and collection of photos or other content, on any kind of device. A modern browser will do to create ‘bags’ using the free Quartz Edition, available to anyone as a public beta
  • Every bag offers 1 Gbyte of storage for 3 months to accommodate many interesting personal and professional use cases for photographers, collectors or architects, using any mix of content file types including PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, streaming movies, …
  • Optionally registering a bag to your e-mail address extends its storage period to 6 months and offers a monthly report of all bags registered to that address

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